Munshi Group’s Picnic and Meetup

By 22 November, 2015Blog, Events

A sudden meeting and picnic has been held at Amjhupi Neelkhuthi on 1st April by Munshi Group. The topic of the meeting was

• Motivating the freelancer
• Make introduction between the freelancers
• Discussing general topic about the office
• Making schedule of Class
• And future planning

At the meeting the Chairperson was Munshi Jahangir Zinnat, Honorable Chairman of Munshi Group, he discussed about the future plan and target of Munshi Group. At the meeting he introduces the new member and freelancer of Munshi Group to the old and experience member and make bridge to their experience sharing.

Munshi Jahangir Zinnat answers the question and clears the query of the member of Munshi Group. And guide them to achieve the goal they are seeking. In the meeting they also discussed about the upcoming event and present scenario of Freelancing and outsourcing in Bangladesh. The obstacle and possibility of the sector are also has been a topic of discussion.

At motivational speech Munshi Jahangir Zinnat present the possibility of the sector, the way to work, the procedure and tradition, and all the things a freelancer should do or avoid.

At the Lunch time the food has been served, which is prepared by the member and executive body of Munshi Group. The food was delicious by the opinion of the members.
Though it’s not previously planned and happened sudden, no invitation can be sent to all the member of Munshi Group. For that reason they couldn’t attended at the meeting and picnic.

Munshi Group's Meetup
Chairman of Munshi Group humbly says sorry to all the other members that he couldn’t invite. Our honorable Chairman also send greetings for those who were unable to present the meet ups.

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